Rubber Door Systems

WD1000 Rubber Door System

Our WD1000 industrial rolling rubber door is our fastest selling door system – and for good reason. The door is a nearly indestructible and virtually maintenance-free rubber door system that can “take a punch!”

The WD1000 curtain is made of industrial-strength rubber that is accident-proof. It has a break-away bottom bar that reduces costly down time, because this pre-installed bar absorbs any impact---the break-away bolts holding the brace simply snap away, leaving the other components intact. So, if an accident does happen, such as a bang from a forklift, damage can be repaired—and by your own crew in a manner of minutes.

The WD1000 rubber curtain is durable and resistant to corrosion. Plus, it is safe. Each door comes with a state-of-the-art sensor that reverses the door’s direction anytime its path is blocked, preventing both damage to equipment and injuries. The WD1000 is manufactured with the level of care and craftsmanship you’ve come to expect from Warren Door.


  • Curtain construction: 2 layers of Styrene Butadiene Rubber (SBR) each 1/8” thick 60 durometer sandwiched with 1 – ply, 110piw (50kg) polyester cord center.  
  • Temperature ranges: -40°F to 180°F (range determined by curtain material selected).
  • Blue & Gray EPDM curtain options available.
  • Windlocks: One-half inch thick beveled continuous black SBR.
  • Our elite curtain tracking system.
  • Yellow safety stripes on both sides of the curtain.
  • The WD1000 Break-away bottom bar: Structural steel angle and flat bar.
  • Electrical safety edge: Used on safety bar to stop or reverse door curtain due to an obstruction.
  • No more coil cords for the electric safety edge!!! Our Rubber Doors are equipped with wireless technology from Miller Edge®.
  • NEMA-4 Photo eyes with a range up to 45 ft.
  • Guides: Heavy-duty preformed structural steel and heavy gauge preformed steel retainer.
  • The guides create sufficient tension to operate in wind pressures up to 20lbs/sqft (88MPH) while allowing the windlocks to disengage from the guides in pressures exceeding that amount.
  • Hood cover: Galvanized sheet metal of no less than 24 GA.
  • Idler barrel: 11GA welded mechanical steel tubing.
  • Counterbalance spring barrels: Counterbalanced assembly rated at 50,000 cycles. Consists of a steel barrel to carry full load of door. Houses high-grade carbon steel, helically wound torsion-type springs. Higher cycles, outboard & spring less options are available.
  • End brackets: Constructed of mild, hot rolled steel plate not less than 3/8" thick


  • Operated by NEMA 1 power operator with interior wall mounted open-close-stop push button station or optional hand chain hoist.
  • Various environmental options available.


  • Most durable door in the business.
  • Optional customer builds.
  • Availability of custom builds.
  • Minimal down time, service calls and repair bills in case of accident.
  • Your staff can do it themselves, just with a wrench and ladder.
  • If the door is damaged, the break-away bar absorbs the impact. The rubber door itself pops out of its guides—with no permanent damage.
  • Bottom bar has safety notch cut into the structural steel angle for collision purposes.
  • Edge acts as sealing strip against floor.
  • One of the safest—it can reverse itself in case of an obstruction.
  • Energy efficient. Can protect equipment corrosion during harsh winter weather.
  • Warren Door quality craftsmanship.


  • Rolling steel or overhead door

NOW THE WD1000 is available with Outboard Springs!!!

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Rolling Steel Doors

Rolling Steel Doors Warren Door Sales Company, established in 1937, is a manufacturer and national distributor of industrial / commercial doors and replacement parts, with emphasis on rolling steel doors.

A commitment to prompt service and product availability highlights our company's business philosophy. This philosophy is solidified by an extensive inventory and the ability to ship complete doors in 3 to 4 days.

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Gearhead Operators

Pro-GH Pro-GH Pro-GHC Pro-GHC

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Hollow Metal Doors

Hollow Metal DoorsWarren Door Company's Hollow Metal Door Division maintains an extensive inventory of commercial and industrial doors, frames, panic devices and hardware. Each complies with SDI-100 "Recommended Specifications." The inhouse U.L. fab shop can meet your customer's needs for custom fabrication, pre-hung units with attached hardware, new construction and replacement units. Warren Door's Hollow Metal Door Division can also provide fire doors, bullet proof doors and security doors. Pre-painted units are available for the ultimate convenience. Just specify the color of your choice when ordering.

Warren Door Company stocks a complete line of Contract Hardware that meets ADA, institutional, commercial and industrial requirements.

Curries Doors


  • Composite - Curries offers a complete line of composite type hollow metal doors in face sheet gauges ranging from 20 to 14. All Curries 607 and 707 Series doors are insulated as standard with fully bonded, durable polystyrene cores. The 727 Series Temperature Rise doors offer the maximum in fire and life safety as they feature either 250 degrees F (121 degrees C) or 450 degrees F (232 degrees C) ratings. Fire ratings are available from 20 minutes through 3 hours. Curries composite type doors have been tested to out-perform all test criteria available for physical endurance and cycle of use. The combined durability and economy of these doors make it a popular choice for a variety of uses.
  • Steel-Stiffened - Curries steel-stiffened doors have been designed with the combination of perimeter steel channels and core stiffeners to offer the industry's largest selection and most reliable and durable construction. They are used in areas where optimum security and susceptibility to vandalism and break-in are of paramount concern. Face sheets are available in gauges from 18 to 12, with door thicknesses of both 1-3/4" (44) and 2" (51). Curries 747, 847, and 857 Series doors offer a range of products suited for institutional and commercial security uses.

607 Door Technical Data | 707 Door Technical Data


  • Masonry / Drywall - Knock-down masonry, drywall, and multi-use frames are available from Curries in series, profiles, face dimensions, gauges, and door opening sizes to fit most any need in the construction industry today. In addition, Curries and its distributors can modify and weld frames to expand the variety of frames available even further.

Masonry Frame Technical Data | Drywall Frame Technical Data

  • CCW Frame Components - Frame components used in the building of window walls, borrowed lights, transom frames, sidelites, and other custom configurations are available in an almost limitless array, allowing total design freedom in developing aesthetically pleasing, functional units as required by the demands of today's architecture.

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Replacement Parts

Replacement PartsWarren Door Manufacturer offers a variety of replacement parts – many in stock for 24 hour shipping. Our replacement slats are compatible with many of the nation's top manufacturers, including the Overhead Door brand. We also supply cast endlocks and windlocks in addition to bottom bars, available in double angle steel and extruded aluminum. In addition, we stock spring barrel assemblies for a quick turnaround. Warren Door also has an inventory of hard to find operator parts.

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