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Our parent company, Traichal Construction Company, was founded in 1937 by Jim Traichal. In 1961, Jim bought Overhead Door of Warren, Ohio and turned it over to his sons Ed and Don Traichal. They specialized in residential and commercial door installations. In 1974, the brothers moved the operation from Warren, Ohio to the present location in Niles, Ohio and at that time started concentrating on the industrial market. Since then Warren Door has been supplying customers with superior industrial door systems along with a knowledgeable, professional and friendly customer service staff.     

Innovative and Durable Products:

Our selection of rubber doors and rolling steel doors feature superior craftsmanship and quality. With outstanding durability, ease of installation and minimal service requirements, our industrial door systems are a smart investment. Choose from durable standard rolling steel doors or our innovative rubber door, the WD1000 Rubber Door System. This system is nearly indestructible and has many unique safety features to protect your equipment and employees. The industrial-strength rubber is capable of handling impact from vehicles or large equipment without being damaged and can quickly and easily be repaired by your staff. It also features special safety sensors that can detect an obstruction when closing and will reverse the door automatically to protect people or equipment. The WD1000 Rubber Door System is also energy efficient. It seals tightly around the perimeter and is built to withstand temperatures ranging from -40 degrees Fahrenheit to 180 degrees Fahrenheit. Durable, safe and efficient, the WD1000 Rubber Door System is our most popular industrial door to date.

All of our doors are custom built by trained professionals for exceptional quality, durability and safety. Each door is proudly made in the U.S.A.

A Heritage of Excellence

So whether you are looking for standard rolling steel doors or want to upgrade to custom rubber doors we offer the products and service you require. For over 70 years we have been developing a rich heritage of excellence. At Warren Door we pride ourselves on offering the finest workmanship, reliable service and best customer service available.

Contact us or call our office today (1-800-ALL-DOOR) for more information and help in determining which door system best suits your needs.

Featured Product

Why choose the WD1000 Rubber Door System?

Our WD1000 industrial rolling rubber door is our fastest selling door system – and for good reason. The door is a nearly indestructible and virtually maintenance-free rubber door system that can “take a punch!” More Information

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